• About OSG

    "A Non-Profit Enterprise for Global-minded,

    China-savvy, Entrepreneurial Youth"


    OSG (Overseas SG Ltd ) is a non-profit social enterprise incorporated in Singapore with a mission of building a sharing culture among ASEAN Youths overseas and at home.


    OSG recognizes the importance of a strong external economy to ASEAN nations and believes that the core group of ASEAN Youths needs to be equipped with both broad and deep understanding of the international markets. OSG links overseas ASEANers with ASEAN Youths through different programs and dialogues over a broad-based social platform.


    OSG is currently conducting regular events (Individual Sharing, Panel Discussions, Interviews and Case Competition/Hackathons) where veteran professionals including ASEANers share their experiences with youths. In addition, Young ASEANers here in China are also encouraged to share and interact for personal growth. OSG will soon be embarking on a internship and mentoring programs.

    Dr Tan Eng Han

    Founder / Director

    The Sunday Times 23rd July 2017