• Event Writeup

    OSG Talk#26 – Year End Talk & Dine (Beijing)

    A great event to close the year!

    As the final OSG event of 2019 in Beijing, we took this great opportunity to bring our youths together to learn, share and to network. As part of OSG’s continuing effort to create expand the next work of student community as well as to enrich the learning and sharing, OSG made an effort to also invite students from AMSIB (Association of Malaysian Students in Beijing) and highly qualified Chinese entrepreneurs as speakers. The result was simply amazing!


    The evening started with Mr Tan Lin, the Chief Ecosystem Office of China Big Data Research Lab and the founder of Xishan Angel Club, Xishan Book Club and MA Club. Mr Tan shared his understanding on the topic of “Digital Nomads” and how he believes that remote work can transform the world in the next 2 decades.


    The 2nd speaker is Mr Zhang Dalei, the co-founder and CEO of AirDoc. AirDoc, a fast-growing start-up in China with a global mission, has created an AI-driven system that takes and analyses photographic images of the retina at the back of each eyeball. From this data, it seeks out the telltale signs of dozens of chronic illnesses and conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, optic nerve disease, high myopia, age-related macular degeneration, and many more.


    After the sharing sessions, the students assisted in rearranging the tables and chairs to start the buffet dinner. We took this golden opportunity for students to introduce themselves and to catch up on their China experience over Hainanese Chicken Rice, Spring Rolls, and fried noodles.