• OSG Virtual Internship Program

    in China 2020

    In 2020, with the growth of a new norm on how businesses are conducted globally, it is no surprise that we need to innovate new ways of running Internship Programs.


    So, what is a Virtual Internship?


    It is also known as Online or Remote Internship. Unlike the normal internship program, you will be doing your internship without commuting to the worksite. This simply means that you can do your internship experience with any companies in any part of the world without commuting out of your host country. You will still be part of the office community, conduct meetings and discussions with your virtual teams, learning about how to get your job done in a real working environment and exposure to company culture and multinational teams.


    Virtual Internship offers:

    • Flexibility in work location and henceforth, opportunity to gain international exposure
    • Flexible working hours
    • Effectively lower cost
    • Hassle-free 
    • Potential full employment opportunity


    OSG Virtual Internship Programs

    • Gain exposure in Chinese working cultures
    • Choose the field of your choice
    • Pre-internship self-awareness and orientation coaching program
    • Post-internship professional development career coaching
    • Extended mentoring with OSG career coaches/mentors
    • Join OSG online and offline talks and events
    • Join OSG Virtual Internship Alumni to connect

    Durations and Payment

    • Typically, from 3months – 12 months internship period
    • About 40 hours per week

    We propose a payment of RMB100-150/day or RMB2000-RMB3000/month allowance for virtue internship services to the host company. However, this is dependable on the host company HR policy. We would advise students to be flexible with their expectations on allowances so as not to miss a great opportunity just for payment expectations.


    We guaranteed an unpaid internship in the career field or country of your choice.


    OSG Virtual Internship Program Cost (for Interns)

    1. Registration fee:       RMB500   / SGD 100
    2. Placement fee:          RMB2,500 / SGD 500

    OSG Virtual Internship Program Cost for Hosting Company

    1. Registration fee*:       RMB500 / SGD 100  
    2. Placement fee:          RMB2,500 / SGD 500 however if interns are offered full-time employment, a placement fee will apply.  Speak to our Consultant for details

    Application Process

    1. Submit your application to internship@osg.sg – click here (download the application form)
    2. Our consultant will connect with you within 48 hours, to understand your needs. They will advise on virtual internship scope and commitment, and discuss the type of companies and functions to apply for, etc.
    3. Once we found matching host companies, an online interview via zoom or skype will be arranged with the supervisor.
    4. Upon confirmation of engagement, our consultant will support the entire onboarding administration between the intern and the hosting company. Optional services include conduct self-assessment and orientation programs.
    5. Our consultant will conduct regular feedbacks, checks, and updates to ensure interns and hosts are functioning well together.
    6. A career coaching hotline will be available for interns.
    7. The optional group and 1-1 mentoring program can be customized to maximize the intern's experience.
    8. OSG will support the end of the internship and ensuring all documentation are in proper, including an internship report, a letter of reference from the host company

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  • FAQ

    Email your questions to us at internship@osg.sg

    Our Program Experience Consultant will assign to support your queries.


    What are Virtual Internships?

    Virtual internships are internships conducted virtually or remotely through online support.


    Interns will be matched and assign to a company, during the internship period, to work and support assignments, projects, or roles. You will be assigned to a supervisor that will guide and lead you throughout your internship period. You will be in regular contact with the supervisor/team using virtual connections such as emails, phone calls, video/zoom/skype calls, or instant messenger such as WeChat/WhatsApp.


    Are Virtual Internships beneficial to students?

    Yes, besides the benefits of an on-site internship, Virtual Internship allows students to gain experience working with virtual teams and be prepared for the new working norm - a remote working culture where minimum supervision is required. Students can gain experience while studying and do a schedule that suits theirs and that of their host company. Virtual Internship allows them to gain global and highly cross-culture experiences that may be limited by on-site internship.


    Virtual internships help students to develop a diverse set of competencies that are of high value to employers eg. Ability to work under minimum supervision, self-motivated, communication skill, internet savvy, teamwork, ability to gain international exposure and reporting skill, etc.


    The virtual internship could lead to a full-time job after graduation


    Will I be paid during my internship?

    We will propose a payment of RMB100-150/day or RMB2000-RMB3000/month placement to the host company. However, this is dependable on the host company policies. We would urge students to be flexible with their expectations of internship allowances. We do not wish to forgo a good opportunity just for payment expectations.


    We guaranteed an unpaid internship in the career field or country of your choice.


    Will virtual internship lead to permanent employment?

    This is subject to the need of the host company and your performance during the internship period. However, we have the experience where good interns had been given job offers after their internship or after the completion of their education.


    Internship in any form will help boost your resume and gain higher employment opportunities.


    When will I hear from OSG about possible placement?

    Upon receiving your application, our consultant will call you when 48 hours.


    What kind of companies do we work with?

    We work with a wide range of companies. Many are exciting small and medium-sized enterprises, some are entrepreneurial start-ups and others are big, well-known, multinational companies. You can ask for example companies in your desired industry during or after your interview.


    How will I be placed with a company?

    Following your official acceptance your assigned Program Experience Consultant will share your profile and resume/CV with our placement management team, whose role and expertise is to place you with the best-suited host company from among our portfolio.


    The placement process we follow is a linear placement meaning that you are only introduced to one company at a time, and should you decide to decline the offer, that host company opportunity will be off the table. At no point should you expect to view 2 or more placement opportunities at one time, but will always be looking at each opportunity linearly.


    Prior to placement confirmation more host companies require a virtual interview allowing you to learn about the opportunity and the host company to understand how your skills and experiences align with their needs.


    What if I don’t like the company you’ve matched me with?

    If you have a good reason you can ask us to re-match you to a different host company. Generally, we’re pretty good at finding the best available company to suit you, but if you think we’ve got it wrong, you can tell us and we’ll find an alternative. When thinking about your perfect host company be prepared to share your future career goals and the necessary skills you will need to get there, as that will help us identify key placements that will allow you to gain and hone those skills.


    How soon can I start an internship?

    It will normally take us 4-6 weeks to onboard a host company and to prepare you for the internship. If your requirements are very specific it may take longer, and we will advise you of that. We encourage applications as early as possible.


    Registration and Program Costs

    What are the costs of this service?

    Our program prices start at RMB5000. We have premium programs available which include career development coaching and assistance with your resume/CV writing, and with cover letters and job applications in the future, preparing for interviews and research on career opportunities.


    Why is there a fee for this service?

    It takes time and effort to find the right company for a particular person – we not only conduct this matching process, but we also provide ongoing activities and assistance to make you more employable.


    By signing up for the program, you have a team of experts working for you to help you get the most out of an internship. We do have some university partners where the cost of the program is borne by the university, and we look forward to establishing such relationships with more universities and governments as this program gets more recognition.


    Is the Registration Fee refundable?

    We commit to introduce at least 2 host companies that are aligned closely to your choice. However, should you reject all the offers without valid reasons, the registration fee will not be refunded.



    Does the program mean I’m eligible for a visa?

    Unfortunately no. Because the internship is remote, however, you can do it from anywhere – so you can complete the program from a location where you have eligibility to work. If your virtual internship led to the company offering you a position, you can ask them to consider sponsoring your work visa at that point, however, this is not guaranteed.


    Academic Credit

    Can I get academic credit?

    No – OSG works closely with a number of universities to assist those who wish to use our program to gain credit towards a university degree. It is your responsibility to discuss the procedure with your university but OSG will be happy to provide the necessary documentation to support your application.



    Our program was designed to build full support around the internship and require weekly touchpoints with the employer and intern to ensure everyone was fully engaged and benefiting from the virtual internship.


    Our full program is unpacked below and includes:


    3-12 months Virtual Internship Placement


    Project-Based Work

    OSG requires all host companies to provide clear project-based work descriptions that plan far beyond the first week to ensure that there is a clear work plan and that the virtual intern is always engaged. Through completing these projects students will have great experience to add to your resume/CV and despite the remote nature of your work they will have also gained a network of professionals that can help explore their future career management.


    Creating a Sense of Community Remotely

    Completing a remote internship presents a risk of feeling isolated or disconnected, and therefore OSG will create multiple touchpoints to connect fellow virtual interns and build a community. These opportunities exist from the first day the intern accepts until well after they have completed their internship.


    Assigned Program Experience Consultant

    Each student will be assigned a Program Experience Consultant who will walk the student through the admissions, placement, and internship process. Every Thursday, all students and host companies will receive an email check-in to see about project completion, general feedback, and request for support. This will keep both students and host companies actively engaged throughout the process and able to work with their Program Experience Consultant directly should there be any concerns.


    Assigned Internship Coach (Optional)

    Outside of weekly check-ins with their Program Experience Consultant, all students can opt to have an assigned internship coach schedule a midpoint check-in and final coaching. The final call will allow the student to reflect on the entire internship, unpack the supervisor evaluation as well as create a Global Career Management Plan. Career Coaching can also be requested to support preparing for resume/CV, interviews including career selections, etc. This is a payable service.


    Employability and International Focused

    OSG Virtual Internship is supported and assisted by professional coaches. This supports a student in navigating the culture in which they are working as well as unpack key professional skills needed in any workplace scenario. The curriculum supports preparing for the internship with resume/CV and interview advice all the way through the internship and beyond touching upon professional communication, project management, networking, and much more.


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